The skeletal system is comprised of bones, and connective tissues such as tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.  Bone is one of the hardest structures in the body. It is a dynamic and metabolically active tissue with the ability to grow and repair itself. Bone is capable of altering its configuration in response to stress and mechanical demand.

The main functions of the skeletal system are to:
  • Protect internal organs 
  • Provide muscle attachment sites
  • Kinematic links
  • Facilitate muscle activation
  • Facilitate body movement

The load-deformation curve represents how different amounts of stress will impact the bones. Due to the pliable nature of bones, they are able to handle varying degrees of stress before reaching the ultimate failure point. Once the failure point has been reached, the bone will break. The following conditions occur when the failure point has been reached.

Osteochondritis Dissicans
Stress Fracture